Thursday, July 17, 2014

Walking side streets in Paris

Our final day in Paris is invariably a Sunday, an opportunity to walk wherever we wish, always attending a final Sunday organ recital at St Eustauche.  Our all-day stroll meandered around Bastille, a market, over to the Marais (the water creating the marsh disappeared many decades ago), into the 3rd arrondissement and beyond.  We hope to return next spring.

I never heard her actually play anything resembling a tune, but she apparently discovered that the folk instrument helps attract attention and sympathy.

If only we were staying longer, we could have stocked up on some splendid fish.

The weather (June 8th) was warm, it was a Sunday, and the cafés were filling, especially the tables on the sidewalks, both on important streets and those unassuming.

We came across several alleys with interesting graffiti, nicely shaded, which meant they could be photographed more easily.