Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UBC's Botanical Garden in October

Most visitors to Vancouver enjoy the colours of leaves in September, but if you look, October can also offer wonderfully subdued shades of greens, purples, greens, reds, and yellows.

Cosmos in October

Now that the cosmos plants are cleared away, photos of their delicate shades are refreshing, particularly the various hues of green.

Monday, November 26, 2012

UBC's Nitobe Garden in late November

The shortest day of the year will come in about three weeks, which means that the sun is fairly low on the Vancouver's horizon these days.  UBC's Nitobe Garden is open 10-2 during the winter months (free).  The moss is a luxurious green, the reds from the Japanese maples were carted off weeks ago, and the water is as calming as ever.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Seattle Thanksgiving

Stephen and Vivian threw their first Thanksgiving pot luck in their new home last week.  Janice went down the previous Friday, taking the new Bolt Bus (Greyhound's reply to the Chinatown buses, $16.00 one way).  Steve and Vivian were hard at work, trying to get some things finished.  Basically, the main floor and basement suite are completed but the top floor needs several more months.  (Janice took the next five photos.) The first photo shows Stephen building an impromptu coffee table from left-over and recycled wood. The spots on the photo are sawdust particles reflecting the flash.

Vivian's Aunt Kay is an organizer's organizer.  She unpacked all of Grandma Kreider's china and figured out where it should go in the 'new' 1920's style refinished cupboard. The boxes and all that paper were recycled from Paul and Kay's move from Ohio to Seattle.

Kay also suggested that they add a top narrow shelf in the island.  This proved handy for boxes of Grandma's silverware.

There were lots of roasted veggies, done without any oil for Uncle Paul.

I think we peeled and cooked more than 20# of potatoes.  Lots were left over.

Jamie and Carla helped by cooking in the basement kitchen, making a delicious squash, potatoes, etc.

Steve made the wedding cake, loading it with fudge-like frosting.

I drove down on Thanksgiving Day.  Before guests arrived, I started recording what the main floor looked like at this stage.

Each Thanksgiving, Stan roasts the largest turkey he can find, brings it to the party, and then slices it professionally.  He saves the bones and skin for a fantastic broth.  Stan and Laura were an important part of the Buenos Aires group in September.

Yuri enjoyed himself.  His smile reminds me of Bill.

You may not be able to view the following video, and I don't know how to turn it so it is not sideways, but if it works, you get a sense of the gathering at one moment in time.