Friday, November 2, 2012

Stephen and Vivian get married in Seattle

On November 1st, 2012, we were delighted to join Stephen and Vivian for their wedding before a County Court Judge in Seattle after work.  Long-time friends, Patty and Jesse were the witnesses.  Since the Court House stipulates that the wedding party be no larger than six, Janice and I rounded out the party.  Brother Paul joined us for the celebratory meal afterward (Kay was in NYC with Kara).

Jesse and Patty were on time.  Patty, an event organizer for the Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, organized our celebratory dinner.  She was also invaluable in getting us to the correct Courthouse, once it slowly dawned on us that nobody was getting married on the 10th floor of the State Courthouse.  Steve gave the sheet of instructions to Patty, who led the way to the correct address.  Thankfully, we were early.

We were finally in the correct place, meeting the judge's clerk.

The next photo was taken by the officiating judge.  In the background, far left, you see a bit of one of the two stadia for Seattle's professional football or baseball teams.

We retired to celebrate.  Jesse, best man who has known Stephen for 20 years, has keen interests in acting, which served him well when making his heart-felt toast.

Right on schedule, my brother Paul joined us.  This was the Edgewater Hotel in which the Beatles so famously stayed (at least as far as Seattle is concerned).

The sunset was spectacular over the sound.