Saturday, January 11, 2014

Near the Heart of Paris at Night, October

These photos were taken when walking on the left and right banks, watching evening turn into night. I began by strolling along the lovely Boulevard Saint-Michel (6ème arrondissement).


I am invariably drawn to some of the bookstores near the river.  One (Gibert Jeune) is known for setting out boxes of paperbacks which simply have not sold, so they can be discarded.  People seem to know about this and are prepared to expand their private collections. I left the scavengers get what they wanted because I knew our suitcases were already heavy with books.  (In fact, we would eventually be over our limit, but Lufthansa ever so kindly smiled and waived us on, without penalty.)

There are some 37 bridges which cross the River Seine.  This is the lovely Pont au double (Bridge where one pays double toll) that has a lovely railing of metal which is so beautifully illuminated at night.  The original bridge was built in 1515 by Francois I, who charged double for using it (in order to pay for the bridge).  It eventually collapsed, was rebuilt, and was finally replaced by this cast-iron bridge in 1883.

I could not resist the spider's web.

Now we are on the right bank, heading home by going past the fountains and large plaza.