Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Georgetown, Seattle's Oldest Neighbourhood

I spent an enjoyable late afternoon exploring Georgetown, known as Seattle's oldest neighbourhood.  For many decades, it was an independent town about five miles south of Seattle's downtown core.  The area appears to have been built around railroad transportation, having many red brick buildings serving as factories and warehouses.  It is bounded by I5, a river and major railroad corridors.  Although it fell into disrepair, people and money have been working hard to revive it.  You will never need to be thirsty in the retail area since there are plenty of bars, cafés and little restaurants, one is reported to be quite good.  I found the people to be very friendly on this particular August Friday afternoon, around 3:00-4:00 as things were winding down.  The days were still lovely, quite warm, and it was fun seeing people gather.

Lots of red brick, nicely restored.  Many blocks of similar buildings were dismantled, but these were saved.

It was late Friday afternoon, so my $5 tip encouraged these buskers to sing their hearts out--for beer money.  

I always enjoy reading graffiti.  Each city, sometimes each neighbourhood has its own style.