Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pierrefontaine les Blamont, Doubs, France

The picturesque village of Pierrefontaine-les-Blamont (département Doubs, Franche-Comté) features a remarkable stone fountain (Pierrefontaine), one which has undoubtedly satisfied many of the region's animals over the years.  This beautifully restored fountain is fed by one of six mountain springs which dot the area.

As I took a brief stroll to the edge of the village and beyond, I was impressed by the careful gardening and colourful plantings which live up to the village's proud designation, village fleuri (village of flowers).

'Honey wagon' going through village's main street

One road leading away from Pierrefontaine-les-Blamont climbed briefly before offering a view of the surrounding farmlands and a peak of the rooftops and church steeples of Blamont.

View of Blamont from outside Pierrefontaine-les-Blamont

View of Blamont from outside Pierrefontaine-les-Blamont

Someone cleverly transformed the stumps of two fallen trees into morel mushrooms (real delicacies of the woods).

A welcoming Montbéliarde cow.

We then drove a short distance to the Brisepoutot Farms, where Janice's Great-great Grandmother (Catherine Richard) was born in 1831 and married to Christian Lugbill/Lugbull in 1851.  These farms obtained their water from two limestone springs (visit the website, then click on Hydrologie).