Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vancouver Cantata Singers at UBC's Beaty Biodiversity Museum

The Vancouver Cantata Singers are becoming known for searching out unusual yet promising concert venues.  They recently performed a concert of choral music from c. 1800-1850 (using a Broadwood pianoforte from the 1840s) at UBC's new and utterly wonderful Beaty Biodiversity Museum.  The museum's main hall is essentially a deep cement trough, over which float the bones of the largest whale ever (it washed up in eastern Canada, was purposefully and carefully buried in a way that cleaned the bones a decade later.  The bones were then catalogued and shipped across the continent to be reassembled.  The museum has hundreds (thousands?) of other Natural History items on display. 

During the daytime, the museum's hall is well-lit by two walls of windows.  At night, however, the hall was quite dark.  But since few choirs get to sing either under a whale or to herds of deer, a few photos seemed appropriate.