Monday, December 21, 2009

Vancouver Cantata Singers at Holy Rosary, Christmas Reprise 2009

The Vancouver Cantata Singers performed its seventh annual Christmas Reprise concert at Holy Rosary Cathedral. The audience of all ages completely filled the refurbished sanctuary, which is one of the city's most beautiful spaces and has acoustics which choir love. You can hear tracks from the choir's CDs by going to the choir's website:

or visit us on facebook:

You can also download our recordings by using iTunes:

Dr. Chad Bennington kindly used my equipment to take photos of the choir performing in concert.

Most people rightly assume that the highlight for most musicians is giving concerts to live audiences. I confess that I do not quite fit that mold. I sing in concerts so that I will be allowed to sing in rehearsals. I much prefer just rehearsing, hearing lines again and again, each time in a new way, each time thinking of how to make it better, each time hoping to notice something new about the composer's thinking. There is also something mystical (magical?) about rehearsing late in the evening in this sanctuary, long after the faithful have finished their prayers and gone home, night has descended hours earlier, the doors are locked, and we can enjoy the beauty of choral music in this luscious acoustic by ourselves, no coughing, no applause, just us. That is a luxury. Here are a few shots of our rehearsal Friday evening, 7:00-10:00.