Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vancouver Cantata Singers and Icord cosponsor a fundraiser at the new UBC Blusson Centre

On the 14th of November, 2009, the Vancouver Cantata Singers joined forces with Icord (specializing in spinal cord research) for their first annual cosponsored "Ichord" fundraiser for these two organizations. This was the first major event held in the spectacular atrium of Icord's new Blusson Centre on West 10th Avenue in Vancouver. The centre's atrium is three floors high, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows on three sides, and features a wide ramp which winds around this large atrium, slowly ascending to the second and third floor levels. Eric Hannan enjoys having his singers perform from various locations in buildings with good acoustics, so the possibilities offered by this colourful ramp simply had to be tested. By all reports, the singing carried beautifully regardless of where the musicians stood. One work for handbells, humming and whistling was performed with the musicians spread above, all the way around the entire atrium. One enthusiastic patron mused that the effect was "pure magic". Between the three sets of three pieces, Geoff's jazz trio played, Doug (and sons and friend) provided barbershop quartet offerings for small groups of patrons, and the silent auction and raffle draws kept folks busy. You simply have to attend next year's event to appreciate fully the awesome beauty of the atrium and the sound of the choir in this wonderful space.

P.S. If there is an old guy with white hair singing with the choir, the photo was taken by Dr. Chad Bennington with my equipment.