Saturday, November 21, 2009


J. Robert and Virginia Kreider

It now seems almost dream-like that Dad was this healthy as recently as the approach of the July 4th weekend. Married for 68 years, Dad and Mother have been soul mates in life and faith, and arch rivals at Scrabble.

This once-so-vibrant Dad/college administrator/Mennonite minister/pacifist/golfer and follower-of-the-stock-market will soon be receiving hospice care. His mind can no longer add columns of six-figure numbers simultaneously at a glance, without using an adding machine. Never again will he entertain me as he used to, by arriving at the grocery checkout counter--the prices of the cart's contents added up in his mind, including taxes--searching in his pocket for the exact change. Never again will I enjoy anticipating the clerk's expression once s/he announced the total, only to realize that Dad's outstretched hand held that very same amount of cash.

I will be heading to Goshen soon. Thanks to all my dear friends for your prayers for Dad, Mother and the family. Evan