Sunday, March 4, 2012

The St George's Trail in Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver

On a drizzly heavily-overcast afternoon on the third of February, I took a leisurely stroll on St George's Trail in the Pacific Spirit Park (formerly known as the Endowment Lands).  This short but well-maintained trail leads from near West 33rd Avenue and Camosun north to St George's Secondary School.  The trail is well maintained, carefully graded, and introduces one to a typical west coast rain forest.  At this time of year, the cedars, Douglas firs, and forest undergrowth take on a blueish purplish hue, some of the oranges are subdued and others accentuated, and the most vibrant greens are supplied by the various species of moss, which flourish everywhere at this time of year (even on houses, stones and patios).  The warming humidity suggests that mushroom season is coming.

Looking toward Sasamat Path from the St George's Path

Typical ground cover where foreign species have not invaded.

Vibrant fern-like moss thriving on the crumbling bark of a decaying tree.

This tree along the trail had to be felled because of expanding rot.

Some seemingly substantial trees fall in wind storms.

Moss grows everywhere it is undisturbed--on trees, fallen branches, even stones.

This tree fell because of decay.

Ferns thrive as ground cover and are native here.

Insects inhabit decaying wood.

Birch bark eventually separates from the trunk of fallen trees and provides protection for insects.

You can see a map of the park by visiting:    and looking for Trail No. 22.