Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Junk (viewed as art)

Another trip to the junk yards, where two welcomed us as photographers.  I was surprised by how busy these places are, how superbly organized, how neat, and how efficient they manage to be.  We were finally asked to leave one yard when more trucks wanted to enter and a crane was busily engaged, but we got a few interesting shots on that bright sunny day, the kind that makes rust just glow.

When shooting this, I was thinking of an anvil from Germanic mythology, so I put the blue background out of focus.
These recalled Poe's story of a pendulum swinging ever closer to the victim.

These plates reminded me of the sand dunes at Lake Michigan.

I tried to crop these rusted plates (in camera) to recall a vase from ancient Greece.

Medieval knight's chain mail.

Edges of metal intrigue me.

These punched metal coils are cropped to look like rolls of movie film.