Sunday, July 10, 2011

July garden flowers in Vancouver

One of these days, we may actually have summer in Vancouver, who knows.  For now, there are some lovely flowers in the garden.  First, a few of the thousands of flowers in Janice's back patio (taken in the evening light).

Creeping thyme growing in the sandy 'cracks' between the flag stones in the back patio.  Bees love it.  Believe it or not, Janice actually cut it back this spring.  Stepping on it produces a sweet scent.


Foxglove, possibly native to this area.

Poppy leaves back-lit by evening sun.

Climbing hydrangea (planted to cover a neighbour's old garage)

Peruvian lilies, practically a weed; mind you, a very beautiful weed.

Next, some photos of flowers from the front garden (taken in morning light).

California poppies, candy tufts and golden tip marjoram (edible)

Floxgloves and poppies

Three kinds of poppies, candy tufts

Red and pink poppies and foxgloves