Monday, May 16, 2011

Vancouver Cantata Singers at Ryerson--Bach/Handel Concert

During dress rehearsal, Jesse and I took photos of the Vancouver Cantata Singers at Ryerson United Church.

Taken from my stand on the far end about 30 minutes before the concert was to commence (Camera: Canon S-95).
Emma will graduate from high school and soon study elsewhere.  This may be her last concert with us for a few years.  She has been the youngest singer ever to audition successfully!

Serious consultation in the alto section.  They make a glorious sound.

Benila, our lead soprano, repeatedly carried the day for us when singing solo sections in the Missa brevis or Cantata 150.

Jesse played bassoon for our works by Bach and Mozart. I had the 135mm lens at the time, I was standing at my place in the choir, and the only way I could get the entire bassoon into the photo was by turning the camera on a diagonal.

The following photos were for us taken by Jesse, and appear here with his permission and my thanks.

Slight time exposure to blur hands

Sometimes he gets specific on who stands where

"Ah" as in "Alleluia".

"O" as in "Lobet"

Singing under the ever watchful eye/ear of General Manager Dave

1/10th second, hand-held