Sunday, April 3, 2011

Street Photography on Vancouver's Commercial Drive, Little Italy

Jesse kindly introduced me to the joys of street photography on Vancouver's Commercial Drive.  In decades past, this formed the heart of the city's Little Italy.  It now offers a mixture of cultures and is a favourite gathering place for a cross section of classes.  The day offered fairly harsh sunlight and dark shadows, both on the ground and in the sky.  Most of these photos were taken in a span of about four blocks north of East 1st Avenue.

Thinking of Genie and her loved ones.

Since I was shooting with Jesse, I entitle this "The Tree of Jesse".

As spring slowly appears, we can still celebrate the beauty of past plants, now but a shadow of themselves.

Vancouver is famous for its Japanese cherry trees. More are now being planted as a tribute to those who are suffering in Japan.

Waiting and rushing

Lost in thought

Skate board as backrest.


Regulars, I'm told.

Fortune teller

Vintage Oldsmobile