Monday, February 21, 2011

February Flowers in Vancouver

The winter of 2011 has not been nearly as warm as that for the Olympics in 2010, but by mid February, flowers are starting to appear on Canada's beautiful the west coast.  First, closeup shots of an Amaryllis grown from an enormous bulb indoors.  It produced a quadrant of four flowers, north-south-east-west, but I like peering inside.

Crocuses and snowdrops survived a light snow.  The first light of day melts some of the ice crystals on the buds.

We finally had a sunny February weekend, though temperatures barely reached 5 degrees C.  Nobody wants to mow until the precious flower bulbs have been replenished by the sun and warmer weather so that they can propagate and reappear next winter (I like the way friends put an old tub to use).

Moss flourishes in Vancouver in the winter.
Snow drops (Galanthus)