Friday, September 18, 2009

La Bambouseraie, Anduze, The Gard District, France (The Bamboo Garden)

One wonderful stop for tourists is the Bambouseraie, about 3 kms from Anduze, and not far from Alès, in the Gard district west of Avignon and north of Montpellier. This is much more than a mere bamboo garden, for there are long paths which take you through a forest of well-established gigantic bamboo plants which tower above people like ancient oak trees. There are informative signs throughout the grounds (in French and English) explaining the growth, types and importance of bamboo throughout the world.

Growths of other types of plants are also preserved, as well as a hothouse displaying mosses and tropical plants. A tea house looks out over a garden and its stream. One path takes you through a forest of palm trees. Inventive artists have created interesting exhibits, including 1,000 dandilions which have gone to seed and are displayed on thin bamboo spikes in an airtight glass-stone structure which prevents the seeds from being disturbed. For better information and additional photographs, you can access the garden's website by clicking on "Bambouseraie" above.