Monday, April 20, 2009

The Forum des Halles, Paris (2009)

The new and the old: the Forum des Halles and St Eustache

Young people in a hallway in the Forum

Covered passageways with shops


Rain on cafe table--nobody could eat outside

April 18th was a cold wet day in Paris, so I headed down to the general area of Les Halles and the commercial centre known as the Forum. This area used to be a major market for Paris, having hundreds of stalls selling just about everything imaginable. It was also a very important area for butchering animals for fresh meat, so much so that St Eustache celebrated a Mass annually for the pork butchers working for the city's famous charcuteries. As problems of hygene persisted century after century, various solutions were attempted, but with limited success. Finally, the whole area was redeveloped into a major transportation hub for the city and suburbs (RER), a large Forum des Halles was created, and one has to search to find any charcuteries in the area.