Thursday, February 26, 2009

Granville Island, Vancouver

Our Natural Light photography class took a field trip this morning to Granville Island in Vancouver. This island is largely man-made, having been built up over the decades for industry and then substantially rebuilt by government funding to create a place of refuge for artists, a place where the city's largest indoor market can thrive, and an island on around which people can walk for kilometers.

It was a cold morning, with temperatures hovering just below freezing. The sky was overcast with a consistent cloud cover which lifted after we left. We strolled in small groups, observing what others saw and photographed. Each student is sees different things, which can be very stimulating and encouraging.

Reflections of reflections

Looking up at snow on a glass roof

Reflection of Granville Bridge (inverted so the image seems right side up).

Melted snow flakes on a boat propeller

Friendly worker chatting with photographers

Distrustful goose after lunch

Getting coffee inside Granville Market

Meeting friends in Granville Market

Boat wash on the island

Stairs to water