Friday, January 9, 2009

Night photos of Vancouver's final (?) snow storm of the season

Our street lights are quite orange in colour.

Snow on tree, lit by street lamp.

Looking east on West 31st Avenue

Even now, in spite of days of rain and warmer weather, snow piles are everywhere, residential side roads are uncleared, and by now the meter of snow seems that it might last forever. My car keys fell somewhere in our snow, so I await the melting rather eagerly.

These pictures were taken on January 4th, around 8:45-9:00 p.m. during a fairly heavy snow shower. Several of us sensed that this was the final hurrah of this series of storms, so we took cameras outside one last time. The swirling wind made it impossible to keep snow off the lens, I shot at ISO 1600 hand-held. Our street lights are anything but white, so I include one picture rendered in black and white, to give a better sense of the stuff being snow. On the other hand, in many modern cities, this is the way our city snow now looks. Now British Columbia and Washington State face serious flooding problems, rock falls, avalanches and the like.