Monday, November 10, 2008

Long Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Young family walking on beach (click on picture to enlarge)

Sun starting to set (polarizing filter)

The evening's rising mists begin to hide the mountains

You often have to search to spot other people on these beaches in the fall

Fall mushroom in the rain forest

Unending sand ripples

Mineral patterns in the wet sand

Logging is British Columbia's No. 1 industry, and thousands escape

Kayakers end their labours

Low tide reveals underwater life

One of Canada's treasures is its Long Beach on the Pacific Ocean, midway between Tofino and Uceulet, B.C. If I ever manage to walk from one end of this complex of beaches to the other, I will need someone to meet me by car at the other end because the beaches stretch for 25 unbroken kilometers. These contiguous beaches include Pacific Rim National Park's Radar Beach, Long Beach (10 kms), Combers Beach and Wickaninnish Beach. You can simply refer to the whole group as the "Long Beach Unit". Since the Pacific Rim National Park is itself relatively isolated (only a single highway connects it with the eastern side of Vancouver Island), the beaches are always yours.

I stopped to watch some kayakers ride the waves, the occasional family take a stroll, surfers continue their unending search for the perfect wave, and to admire the wide flat beach of soft sand.